Corozal Park

Nine miles south of Mexico and 29 miles north of Orange Walk Town, Corozal has a vibe different from any other town in Belize. The Mexican influence is palpable on the streets of this provincial town, where you are likely to hear Spanish and eat tacos. Though it feels prosperous (especially by Belizean standards), most of the town’s wealth comes from its position as a commercial and farming center – not from tourism.

So while Corozal is a fine place to be a tourist, it escapes the holiday-ville atmosphere that haunts some other places in Belize.

With ocean breezes, affordable hotels, tantalizing food and easy access to the rest of the district, Corozal is worth a stop on the way to or from Mexico – if not a detour from your Belizean itinerary further south. The whole town is situated on Corozal Bay, and the waterfront is filled with parks, picnic tables, and beachside palapas (thatched-roof open-air huts).
The town center is arranged around a town square, encompassing the plaza or ‘Central Park,’ post office and police station.

The main highway passes through town as Santa Rita Rd and 7th Ave, briefly skirting the sea at the south end of town.

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